BOOT: Interview mit TripAdvisor VP Adam Medros über Trip Friends und das Leben in einer Facebook-Welt

Booking hotels takes a lot of work
BOOT: What is like being tied to Facebook? Must be hard and challenging to give up so much control to them?

Medros of TripAdvisor: Without a doubt (a challenge to be tied to the Facebook experience). The benefits are clear but also a number of dependencies we have to manage:

  1. General dependency: What would we do if Facebook build their own travel Q&A product? We can't worry about it as we can't stop something like that happening and it would go against public claims by Facebook to be independent;
  2. API dependencies: Facebook have a tendency to change features and the API often. For example app notification went away and was never replaced; and
  3. Downtime dependency: What happens if the Facebook API has downtime? Figuring out how to message to users when there is latency coming from not you.
Despite this we need Facebook. We tried to build a version of Trip Friends on our own a few years ago – did not take off because consumers did not want to maintain another social network.

Tim Hughes von The BOOT - The Business of Online Travel hat dieses interessante Interview geführt. Mehr auf seinem Blog (http://tims-boot.blogspot.com/2010/08/tripadvisor-sessions-talking-to.html).

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