Hogg Robinson startet neues Webportal in Nordamerika

Das Travel Management Unternehmen Hogg Robinson hat in Nordamerika ein neues Online Portal gestartet:

This HRG solution gives organizations the ability to reduce transaction costs and improve management control when logging, calculating and processing travel transactions. The technology also enables travelers and travel managers to efficiently track travel and purchases from a variety of sources including corporate credit cards, travel and entertainment cards, personal cash claims, mobile and office phones, fuel, cars and travel data. The solution integrates into a customer's established financial system and has multilingual and multi-currency capabilities. HRG Expense Management is powered by Spendvision, a provider of expense management automation and has the capability to manage low-value, high-volume expenses simply and easily. Operating in a secure environment the expense management solution is designed to provide a seamless, outsourced on-line solution to customers, driven by sophisticated technology. The HRG Expense Management solution can be delivered as a stand-alone technology, or as part of a complete end-to-end travel booking and expense management solution delivered through the HRG Portal. The HRG Expense Management solution is an Application Service Provider (ASP) model. The solution is installed, run and powered by Spendvision on a secure infrastructure as a service to its customers. Therefore, customers do not need to install new software on desktops or servers, host or publish materials online or in-house. Customers can access their solution anywhere in the world via a secure Internet browser.

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