Twitter SEO Tipps - Wie kommen meine Tweets in die Google-Such-Ergebnisse (via tourismkeys.ca)

You're it! - Tagged

How is Google is figuring out which tweets to feature?
The same as all the other good content the search engine displays: a mix of keyword relevance and links.

But how to do you get links to your twitter status?

  • Earn more followers in your community. Each follower is a link. Consider the keywords in your followers’ one line bio as a key to relevance.
  • Get tagged in lists with relevant keyword attribution. Again, it’s not the number of lists you are in, but the company you keep that matters. There is likely some seo value in being tagged in small lists along with Twitter All Stars who have millions of followers, but it is likely more important to be linked among people with whom you share a keyword association.
  • Have your tweets retweeted by others.

Erster Anschein - alles wie bisher, nur eben mit Tweets. Relevant bleibt relevant (nach den Masstäben der wwWelt).

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  1. Ich hab also irgendwo gelesen, dass nicht die Tweets selbst, sondern die Retweets die wichtigsten sind. Also ein Tweet ist nicht so wertvoll wie ein Retweet. Ist das wirklich so?


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