Bau Dir Deine eigene iPhone App in 5 Minuten

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Aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses without an in-house development staff, Sweb Apps is a new startup that lets you build a simple iPhone application using a series of web forms.

The upside is you don’t need any specific technical knowledge to build up an app quickly (the company touts “in as little as 5 minutes!”), but the downside is the app interface and functionality are relatively basic.

Still, for companies, individuals, or artists looking to put out an iPhone app quickly and for relatively little cost as compared to hiring a developer, Sweb Apps is worth checking out.

Für relativ wenig Investition (50 USD bis max. 400 USD SetUp und 25 USD monatlich) kann man seine eigene iPhone App haben. Wer es braucht ;-). Oder wenn man erst mal testen will, was geht und wie.

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