Twitter fuegt Location Data zum Tweet - irgendwann demnaechst, fuer Tourismusunternehmen superinteressant

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But Twitter is developing an API specifically for third-party platforms like Tweetdeck and Tweetie first, so that the applications will be able to link a user’s latitude and longitude to their tweets. Biz touts the “cool” factor of being able to read tweets from people in your city or neighborhood to stay updated during an event like an earthquake (or even a cool concert), but the potential for geotargeted ads instantly comes to mind.

Quite a few people use Twitter as a resource for restaurant and nightlife suggestions during business and pleasure trips; a party promoter or restaurant owner trying to drum up business for the weekend could monitor tweets tagged with a specific locale and keyword and send drink tickets or meal discounts as @ replies.

Im Artikel wird natürlich auf Privacy Probleme verwiesen. Aber bisher war die Twitter-Gemeinde ziemlich "offen". Möglichkeiten der Nutzung gibt es viele (auch als Paid Service für Twitter selbst). Unbestritten wäre es jedoch besonders für alle Dienstleister, die Besucher / Gäste ansprechen (Gastronomie, Events, Stadtführungen etc) ein tolles Marketingtool.
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