Facebook empfiehlt nun das Twitter Export Feature den Page Admins. Suchen die beiden Firmen eine bessere und offenere Beziehung?

Hey! You with the Camera!  Buzz Off!!
This evening, Facebook began fully promoting the new Twitter syncing tool via the top of Facebook Pages and are encouraging page admins to sync with Twitter. With millions of page administrators (which still appear to be a fraction of all users), this new tool promotion will also serve as a significant promotion for Twitter in general. At this point the service is well known but by launching the product internally and making people say “Why’d they do that?”, Facebook is in essence using Twitter to keep their own company honest.

Ich hatte ja schon geschrieben, dass FB hier Twitter einerseits "ausnutzt", andererseits damit aber auch die grosse Bedeutung Twitters im Moment anerkennt. Vielleicht ist dieses "link your page to your Twitter Account" eine "tödliche Umarmung"?

Photo cc "Hey! You with the Camera! Buzz Off!! von Noël Zia Lee bei Flickr"

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