Experten sagen voraus, daß in 5 Jahren jedes Reiseunternehmen einen Online-Fernsehsender haben wird

Every travel company to have online TV station, says expert-16-Feb-07.

Verständlich, daß diese Aussage von der Internet Video Company kommt.

Logisch ist diese Entwicklung, die Hand in Hand mit den Entwicklungen der Telcos geht. Gerade das Reisen kann von der emotionaleren Ansprache des Kunden durch bewegte Bilder nur profitieren. Die Thomson UK Website ist wirklich ein hervorragendes Beispiel dafür. Anschauen.

Creative director Jonathan Booth said in future all information would be 'on demand' and piped into homes using telephone lines.
He added that people would be spurred on by a video clip to visit the travel supplier's website and book.
Booth also said that already customers expect to see video on websites but that many of the images are stills or 360-degree virtual tours.
"... We believe in five years time every company will have an element of video on their website and most will have their own TV stations."
He added that the use of video was already driving increased business for early adopters such as Thomson which is believed to convert properties with video clips four times more than those without the medium.

Marriott Hotels International e-commerce manager Euan Mitchell agreed: "Broadband penetration has made video streaming a reality and a consumer expectation. It helps reassure guests before making a booking."
by Linda Fox

Source: Every travel company to have online TV station, says expert-16-Feb-07.

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