Reisewebsites leiden unter gefälschten Nutzerbewertungen

Travel websites cracking down on bogus customer reviews-16-Feb-07.

Auf dem Reuters Hotel und Casino Summit in Los Angeles wurde auf das Problem hingewiesen, daß sich mitunter die Hotels selbst positive Reviews posten um die Kunden zu beeinflussen. Priceline und TripAdvisor haben schon Gegenmaßnahmen ergriffen.

Travel websites are clamping down on fake online 'user' reviews which could be damaging their business.
According to a debate at the Reuters Hotels and Casinos 2007 Summit in Los Angeles this week, illegitimate reviews are sometimes posted on to sites by hotels wanting to make their property look good.
Priceline.com says it is coping with the problem by only allowing users to post their views only if its records show the person has stayed at the hotel.
Meanwhile, TripAdvisor employs a team trained in fraud detection to monitor fake reviews and has software which continually tracks the reviews for anomalies.
It said hotels which try to go against the system are penalised.
"A handful of hotels try to manipulate the site and most don't do it very cleverly," said a TripAdvisor UK spokesman.
"It tends to be the smaller establishments that are a little bit naive. It's not worth it for any hotel because if we catch them at it we will penalise them.

By Bev Fearis

Näheres bei Reuters selbst.

Source: Travel websites cracking down on bogus customer reviews-16-Feb-07.

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