Thomson schafft website ‘stickiness’ mit zusätzlichem Content und neuen Features

Thomson creates website ‘stickiness’ with additional content and new features-05-Feb-07.

Da Thomson sich das Ziel gestellt hat zum OTA zu werden, wird auch intensiv an den Inhalten und der Gestaltung der Websites gearbeitet. Website stickiness (die Fähigkeit den User auf der Website zu halten) spielt dabei eine wichtige Rolle. Noch wichtiger erscheint mir aber dr Aspekt, daß der User auch Beratung, Information und Inspiration sucht. Wenn er das nicht auf der einen Website findet surft er weg und ist in der Regel als Kunde verloren.

Thomson has enhanced its main website with a raft of new features and content to try and keep people on the site longer and get them to book.
The www.thomson.co.uk service, which was relaunched in time for the peak selling season, now features a destinations tab at the top of the home-page to make the number of places the operator flies to more prominent.

The increased online traffic comes as Thomson prepares to realign self as a major online travel company.

The operator has also introduced additional editorial content to help consumers as well as to enable the site to be picked up by Google in natural searches.
A multi-media section for each destination now also allows consumers to view other people's holiday snaps following a deal with photo sharing site Flickr.

The operator has also created more integration on the site by linking up maps, reviews and videos.
Donoghue said the company was also trying to be more inspirational with its content from the navigation point of view by introducing functionality such as the 'Explore Our Destinations' moving globe.
The feature enables consumers to rotate the globe to find destinations and then a short video on that destination is played.
"People want to be inspired, they want rich information and they want to interact," said Donoghue.
by Linda Fox

Source: Thomson creates website ‘stickiness’ with additional content and new features-05-Feb-07.

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