Yahoo startet sein langerwartetes neues Werbesystem

Yahoo versucht duch neue technologische Entwicklungen den Abstand zu Google zu verkürzen.

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It is being said that the much-delayed ad system, known as Project Panama is Yahoo’s attempt to place ads in front of users that are more likely to be clicked on. Until now, Yahoo gave top billing to the advertisers who were willing to bid the most to have their ads listed alongside a particular search result.

As per the information available, Yahoo finally moves from the pure “highest bidder wins” model to the “bid plus quality” model.

Das hat Google auch schon ein Weilchen.

By making this switch, Yahoo hopes to increase the average revenue per click from 2.5/3 cents to something closer to Google’s 4.5/5 cents.


“The project at Yahoo required rejiggering the engine that determines which “sponsored links” are placed at the top or to the right of Yahoo's search results. Until yesterday, Yahoo positioned ads by highest bidder, so sometimes the top results were not the most relevant ads. Now, Yahoo will rank ads, similar to what Google does. Yahoo will place ads based on both the bid price and measures of the relevance of the ad, such as how often someone clicks on it. Yahoo’s new engine will also allow advertisers to focus their campaigns by location of the Internet user and other demographic data, features that have been offered by the company's competitors for some time.”

Source: eyefortravel.com - Travel Distribution News, Events and Analysis

Die Yahoo! Methode

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