eyefortravel bringt Interview mit Googles Head - travel EMEA

Der englische Newsletter eyefortravel bringt ein Interview mit Esteban Walther, head-travel, EMEA, Google.

“I believe in the power of brands and good customer service. When these elements are right it doesn’t matter where the customer ends up booking the product. In terms of advertisers, the channel where it is booked needs to offer an additional advantage to them e.g. new customers, volumes, costs…whatever the specific channel strength is. There are many web tools that help to ensure that advertisers using those channels are limiting the commoditisation of their products,” he says.

How do you think web customer’s online habits are evolving, especially considering the complexity in Europe?

I think more and more people are looking to research and buy travel online – whether it’s for business or leisure.

The customer, online travel agents, e-tailers or the search engines – in your opinion, who controls “cheapest” sales channel, and who best serves the travel customer?

The key to success lies in delivering excellent customer service and a great user experience. I believe that price will become less relevant as the Internet makes the pricing strategies of different suppliers more transparent.

What are you future projections for travel sector in Europe?

I think it is foolish to make predictions about the future – in the end users will decide. But the trends are clear – more people using the Internet to buy and research travel, travel companies increasing their use of search advertising and greater Internet access through mobile.

The business model adopted by some low cost airlines may become an industry reference for the traditional players as companies seek to minimise their costs of distribution and become more efficient.

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