Airlines steigen auf Free Wi-Fi für ihre Passagiere um - mehr als 70% würden lieber kostenloses Internet als eine kostenlose Mahlzeit haben

Northward Bound via Southwest

JiWire and Row 44 are reportedly in talks with Southwest and Alaska Airlines to deliver wi-fi network paid all or in large part  by advertising instead of log-on fees. The specifics are sketchy — some speculate users will have to stroll through a virtual mall to reach the Wild, Wild Net, a modern twist on the SkyMall catalogue.

The idea would certainly appeal to a business audience that has pulled its dollars from the travel industry in this recession. In fact, surveys by the Wi-Fi Alliance show that 76 percent of business travelers would pick an airline based on wireless access, and more than 70 percent would choose wi-fi over a meal service.

Wenn doch wirklich alle Hotels einsehen würden, dass kostenpflichtiges Internet nur Kunden abstösst. Irgendwann müssen die Altverträge mit den kostentreubenden Providern mal auslaufen.
Photo cc "Northward Bound via Southwest von longhorndave bei Flickr"

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