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YourTour.com helps plan your French trip

France, anyone? Airfares are becoming more affordable after summer highs, and new websites, including YourTour( www.yourtour.com), are busy crafting ideal itineraries for you.

What's hot: Getting a suggested day-by-day itinerary that you can edit helps take the guesswork out of a from-scratch tour. Use the map and click on the region(s) you're interested in, select travel dates and specify whether you'll be traveling one way or round trip. Don't worry about including your favorite activities; that fine-tuning comes next. You then choose from long lists of smaller destinations, hotels and activities to include -- museums, small port towns, winter activities and great views. Click "Rebuild my tour" to see what your "personal travel agent" recommends. By the end of the experience, I was itching to visit the Cote d'Azur, although it hadn't been in my top five. The price listings made the load time (caution: slow) worth the wait and planning the rest of the trip more reality-based.

What's not: Right now only French itineraries are offered, although more countries are promised. If you're unfamiliar with France, it's tough to know where to start when you're asked to choose a destination. You can look at a map for reference or click on the featured tours link for a few suggestions. The site is still in beta, so sometimes a tour did not show up and I had to start over. The process worked better on a PC than a Mac. In the end, because this is such a unique and inspirational travel site, it was worth the wait and hassle.

Wichtig ist dieser Satz: "In the end, because this is such a unique and inspirational travel site, it was worth the wait and hassle."

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