“Roadmap for Recovery” durch UNWTO-Generalversammlung in Kasachstan gestartet - Tourismus soll priorisiert werden

Wernigerode - Rathaus

As the tourism industry faces the worst slump in modern history, tourism leaders from 142 countries met to endorse a “Roadmap for Recovery” in a bid to boost global travel. The initiative from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is being launched as 700 people gather for the 18th session of the global tourism body’s General Assembly being held in Kazakhstan.

At the event, 53 tourism ministers or representatives endorsed the “Roadmap for Recovery.” The initiative calls on world leaders to prioritize tourism in the economic agenda and use it as a vehicle to create and sustain jobs. There is also a push to capitalize on the growing green economy.

Da ist in Deutschland aber noch viel zu tun. Kommunal hat der Tourismus manchmal schon das seiner Bedeutung entsprechende Gewicht, aber auf Bundesebene?
Photo cc "Wernigerode - Rathaus von ohaoha bei Flickr"

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