Russland Facebook-Clone vKontakte spricht Marketing - Russisch = Spam, Spam, Spam

Dreaming of diamonds

The irony behind all of this is that the same people who just purchased around $300 million in Facebook stock are also large shareholders in VK.com. I’m not surprised to see them purchasing as much Facebook stock as possible though since Facebook should eventually dominate VK on all metrics. While there is just over half a million Facebook users in Russia, that number is up from 120,000 users back in December of 2008.

My advice to VK.com: if you’re going to make a last ditch effort, you should try making it without bombarding the internet with spam. You aren’t going to win any loyal users that way.

All Facebook äussert sich hier anstelle von Facebook. Fällt ja auch schwer den eigenen Investoren schlechtes Benehmen vorzuwerfen (zumindest öffentlich).
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