5 neue Ideen für Social Media Marketers - 2. Angebote für die Neue Generation

Coupons are not buzzworthy. The very nature of them makes them unappealing to younger generations of consumers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of coupon clipping. 8coupons is obviously hip to this fact, as they recently decided to take their discounts on the road, tap into the advantages of GPS-enabled phones, and leverage one of the hottest location-based mobile apps around — Foursquare.

Was Mashable-Autor Jennifer Van Grove unter New Generation versteht ist unklar, aber zumindestens sollte die N-Generation ein GPS-fähiges Mobile Device haben. Ganz neu ist die Idee also nicht. Nur perfekter gemacht als viele bisher umgesetzte Lösungen.

Posted via web from The Travel Technology Consultancy

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