Eine wachsende Zahl von Reisenden wird in der Zukunft Unterkunft erst nach der Anreise buchen

New Mobile Nearby

Increasing numbers of travellers in the future will book accommodation only on arrival because of the growing use of mobile phones, according to Jeffrey Boyd, the CEO of Priceline at the Citi Technology Conference in New York.

Mr Boyd believes that consumer behaviour will change so people are comfortable getting on a plane without a hotel, knowing they can book one on their mobile device when they get there, that there will be availability and that they can get a deal. He said that Priceline and others are going to make available the functionality that makes booking hotels on the fly easy. 

Fred Malek, CEO of TIG Global believes that just as the internet completely revolutionized the way consumers book travel, now the immense, growing reliance on mobile devices is causing a second shift in how travel is purchased. He added that today, rarely anyone leaves their home without their mobile phone, and twice as many people are using SMS globally compared to email.

Das wird noch nicht heute oder morgen passiern (zumindest in Deutschland nicht - Telekom sei Dank), aber der Trend zum Mobile Device ist nicht mehr aufzuhalten.

Photo cc "New Mobile Nearby von Ross Harmes bei Flickr"

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