EveryYou: Individualisierung für die Erstellung personalisierter Angebote

In the travel industry, EveryYou means we can answer the question “where should I go next” with a specific answer. We can answer the question which hotel should I stay in "Rome" with an answer that references past purchase behaviour, past reviews written, friends on facebook, people trusted, media read etc. That takes into account that human beings are a mess of contradictions in the things that they like and want. For instance I love the blues, Byzantine mosaics, bad zombie movies and body surfing. No bell curve can market to that.

Tim Hughes (tims-boot.blogspot.com) bespricht ausführlich die riesigen Veränderungen, die sich in Marketing und Vertrieb auch im Reisebereich derzeit abspielen. Vom EvedryOne zum EveryYou - Individualisierung mit den Möglichkeiten des heutigen Internet.

Posted via web from The Travel Technology Consultancy

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