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YourTour showcases travel technology at The Get Funded Show


YourTour, travel technology which provides automatically generated travel itineraries based on travellers’ personal preferences, will be showcased at The Get Funded Show@World Travel Market in November.

As online travel planning replaces traditional means, the majority of travellers both plan and book travel online, which saves money but not always time and effort.

Consumers are looking for more efficient and user-friendly applications for online travel planning.

A large proportion of consumers frustrated with the haphazard and time-consuming nature of online travel planning are demanding a one stop solution that can provide detailed trip summaries and handle bookings from the same site.

YourTour (www.yourtour.com) will be pitching to an assembled audience of senior travel executives, investors and the world’s travel press at The Get Funded Show@World Travel Market. 

Organised by EyeforTravel on November 11-12, the show offers innovative travel companies mentoring from travel veterans, worldwide publicity and investment opportunity. 

YourTour is primarily looking for funding at The Get Funding Show. 

Confident not only that the technology is number one, but that it is addressing a problem that has existing for some time in the travel industry, YourTour should have no problem exciting the interest of investors. 

Managing director Thierry Bosser said: “We saw something missing in the market. There was too much travel information on the web to effectively bring it together to build an itinerary. 

“YourTour offers a calculation engine based on a set of powerful and complex mathematical algorithms that compare millions of possible solutions and make it possible to reduce calculation time of comprehensive travel trips from days to seconds.”

For travellers tired of navigating and searching through multiple websites to plan their trip, YourTour, developed by DeciZium, offers a solution. 

The advanced online planning solution, which has been in development for more than 10 years, works with and for the traveller to build their optimum trip. 

The consumer facing website (www.yourtour.com) offers a glimpse at the Beta offering.

“YourTour is entering into a green field. It is an area not yet explored by travel companies and we believe we are a first-mover in what will become a big market,” said Bossen. 

“We have enjoyed the buzz around the product launch last week and already have over 30 major players in the travel interested in the technology.

“The market potential is obvious. The technical work is now behind us. Think Travel 3.0. Online travel will continue to be a big part of the consumer internet and YourTour has a major role to play,” said Thierry Bossen.

*For more information on the show please go to www.getfundedshow.com.

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